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Balance is the key to life.  Optimal health and wellness is linked to the balance of several processes in the body, and these systems are affected by the chemical, environmental, and natural stimuli you ingest, breathe, and absorb.  

Our products seek to restore the natural order of things with natural products for your body and skin that promote wellness and whole body health without toxicity.

We are a Detroit-based skincare and self-care company.

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Natural Beauty


Meet Karyn

Karyn DeShields is a promoter of peace, balance, and clean living.  After purging her home and life of harmful and dangerous chemically laden products, she began making her own clean and organic products to maintain her skin, body, and home.  She is dedicated to ensuring all women, particularly Black women, are heard, valued, and catered to in every area of life.  Karyn's name means pure in Greek... and Black women are pure beauty.